Friday, June 25, 2010

Adult Online Industry Expert Jay Servidio

I looked at every single company online that builds adult sites. I checked all of them out spoke to the owners of each and every company and have found Teleteria to offer the most comprehensive package. Speaking to Jay Servidio is a bit overwhelming at first because of the depth of his knowledge and background. After a wuile I slowly began to understand exactly what he was saying. The main premise is that I am not in the porn industry even though I have ten sites. I am in the online marketing business because thats what I spend my time and energy on. All I do from the moment I wake all day is online marketing. I am constantly trying to aquire more traffic to my site by any means possible. Its genius. My income is directly related to the amount of work I do generating traffic. Therefore I need to spend all my time generating traffic. Simple when you look at this that way.