Friday, June 25, 2010

Adult Internet Expert Jay Servidio: Adult Online Industry Expert Jay Servidio

Adult Internet Expert Jay Servidio: Adult Online Industry Expert Jay Servidio: "I looked at every single company online that builds adult sites. I checked all of them out spoke to the owners of each and every company and..." I tried to do research but the bulk of what I read online is garbage written by bone heads who never made a dime in this business. I met with Jay Servidio, I been to his house. I have seen with my eyes the success of his life due to his work with Teleteria. I bought 10 sites. He gave me a good price. I am a doctor and make good money but I am also fascinated with the internet, porn that is. Its been a little over a year and my sites now make over $3000.00 a day. Thats a million dollars a year of income the bulk of which is profit. Anyone can come into the business and make a profit. They need to have their head on right and each and every negative review I read about Jay was written by someone with their head up their ass. They never should have attempted to start their own business and concentrated on their minimum wage jobs. Get a site with Jay Servidio, do what your told and make money or stay home and watch tv.


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